A Simple Aquaponics Tutorial

Aquaponics Illustrated

Aquaponics Illustrated

If you have not yet heard the term “aquaponics” or if you have and do not know what it means, do not worry! This is a new, exciting and emerging field that combines the power of aquaculture (that is, the science of raising aquatic animals, from fish to snails, as well as shellfish) with the efficiency of hydroponics (cultivating plants in a water based system with the use of soil) to create a food production system.

While aquaponics is a new term and methodology, here at Mud Monsters we are old pros at it and are ready and willing to share our knowledge with you!

Just to get the hang of it and to gain a better understanding of the basic operation of an aquaponics system, we are going to walk you through a very simple yet functional set up.

For this tutorial, you will need the following supplies:

  • A small fish tank
  • A potted plant or vegetable
  • A fish (or two or three, depending on tank size)
  • A plastic vented tray that will fit in the top of your tank
  • A water pump with a tube that will extend to the top of the tank



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