New Product Announcement

Here is a great and very useful product that is new to the industry.

Introducing:   The Speedster – Motor Speed Controller

The SpeedsterThis little beauty allow you to plug in any asynchronous motor, such as the ProLine Skimmer Series Pumps, Hy-Drive Pumps, or Alpine Cyclone pumps, and dial the water flow up or down.  Normally a person would simply use a ball valve to adjust the flow, but the great benefit of The Speedster is that when you turn it down you not only reduce the flow going to the waterfall or stream, but you also reduce the electrical usage and thereby save money.   A ball valve can also reduce the lifespan of a pump by causing the pump to work against itself when the valve is cranked down, but with The Speedster the pump is always pushing out a comfortable amount of water.  The Speedster  has a switch for full on, off, or variable flow and can handle pumps up to 15 amps, which is most pumps.  Sadly The Speedster does not work with direct drive or mag-drive pumps, so Savio Pump, ShinMaywa Pump, or Pondmaster Mag-Drive pump users will have to do without.  Check our Online Catalog for current prices.

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