What is a Mud Monster?

Shovel in DirtWe get asked all the time how we got the name “Mud Monsters”.  Well, the name came from a group of guys and girls who worked for our old company, International Pond Supply.  They were always digging on the property, creating new water features for display,  working in the greenhouse, or doing whatever general work needed to be done and they always got very dirty.  They began to be called the”Mud Monsters”.  When we needed to come up with a name for our new contractor supply for pond and landscape products we thought of the old mud monster crew and felt that it was an appropriate name for our company.  So, what is a “Mud Monster”?  A Mud Monster is anyone who is willing to get a little dirty to create a beautiful yard or landscape.  Put a shovel in the dirt and you can be a Mud Monster too.Shovels

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