Come visit our showroom and enjoy our pond display!

Come visit our showroom and enjoy our pond display!

At Mud Monsters, we are all about ponds & water features! In the Albuquerque weather, a beautiful pond or pond-free system will bring moisture and refreshment to their owners, while using a minimum of water through reliable and proven filtration and recycling systems.

Randy Kindrick, owner of Mud Monsters, has spent over 20 years learning and applying the principals of proper and professional water feature construction and maintenance. Come visit our showroom and check out our sample pond displays.

Of course, each person is an individual and we expect your pond creation to be a realization of your own vision and ideas. We provide the supplies and materials you will need to build your dream water feature.

Also, did you know that such an improvement can easily increase the value of your property? Think of your pond project as an investment instead of an expense. With proper advice and guidance, you can be certain to not only bring a unique comfort and look to your property, but you will also experience an increase in value in excess of your outlay!

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